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Do you need movement to help you relax?

If you're looking for a more or less active Yoga practice, then you will enjoy one of these classes!

I don't believe in perfect movement but I believe in finding the perfect movement for you when you're onto your mat.

Before your first class with me, please contact me.

Yin Yang Flow

If you're a beginner or looking for a class that combines a little bit of physical effort but not too much .. a class of low to medium intensity, Yin Yang Yoga will bring you everything you need. This class also feature some Pilates to take care of your core and posture.

Perfect to get the best of both worlds.

Pure Flow

Pure Flow is a  solar (yang) practice gathering all

my expertise to let you fully enjoy the experience of Flow.

The intensity of the practicv will vary according to participants.

Embark on a journey to the land of breath and movement to feel the puse of life again.

Gentle Flow

This class is perfect if you love Flow but want/need a more feminine (lunar) than Pure Flow.

Breath and movement will be the key words for this soothing and replenishing class .

A beautiful way to reconnect or tap into your feminine side.


Give yourself permission to be lazy and enjoy long, deep, yoga-inspired stretches or restorative yoga asanas.

This extremely soothing and relaxing class will also feature simple breathwork to help you go deeper within yourself.

Full relaxation of body and mind experience.

Beginners with a good mobility welcome,

Pure Flow not suitable for pregnant women with no existing practice for both your safety and your baby's.

Please let me know asap of a pregnancy so I can suggest modifications.

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